KPOP Korral

If you are an ESL teacher like me, then there is a really easy and fun way to impress your students and coworkers.  Being able to recognize a few songs and names in the Korean pop music scene will earn you serious points with your students.

KPOP can be nauseatingly cute and over the top at times, but it really is the religion of the younger generation in Korea.  It is also a growing and important cultural export as KPOP groups find more effective ways to penetrate music market shares in China, Japan, and the United States. 

At least knowing some of the most popular songs and groups is just as important to assimilating in Korea as is learning some basic Korean phrases.  I will be posting one new video a week so as to let it slowly digest for people.

Eat Your Kimchi's How to Dance KPOP 2010
Eat Your Kimchi's How to Dance KPOP 2009
Eat Your Kimchi's How to Dance KPOP 2008

KPOP videos I like from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012:

[2AM] - I Did Wrong
[2NE1] - Can't Nobody (English)
[2NE1] - Clap Your Hands
[2NE1] - Don't Stop the Music
[2NE1] - Fire (Space Version)
[2NE1] - Fire (Street Version)
[2NE1] - Follow Me
[2NE1] - I am the Best
[2NE1] - I Hate You
[2NE1] - It Hurts
[2NE1+Big Bang] - Lollipop
[2NE1's BOM] - You & I
[2NE1's BOM] - Don't Cry
[2PM] - 10 out of 10
[2PM] - Again and Again
[2PM] - Heartbeat
[4 Minute] - First
[4 Minute] - Heart to Heart
[4 Minute] - Hot Issue
[4 Minute] - Huh
[4 Minute] - I My Me Mine
[After School] - Ah
[After School] - Bang
[After School] - Bang Japanese
[B2ST] - Breath
[B2ST] - Shock
[B2ST] - Fiction
[Baek Ji Young] - My Ears Candy
[Big Bang] - Go!
[Big Bang] - Haru Haru
[Big Bang] - Lies
[Big Bang] - Tonight
[Big Bang] - Love Song
[Big Bang's G-Dragon] - A Yo
[Big Bang's G-Dragon] - Breathe
[Big Bang's G-Dragon] - Butterfly
[Big Bang's G-Dragon] - Heartbreaker
[Big Bang's GD & Top] - High High
[Big Bang's GD & Top] - Knock Out
[Big Bang's TaeYang] - I'll Be There
[Big Bang's TaeYang] - Wedding Dress
[Big Bang's T.O.P] - Turn it Up
[BoA] - Copy and Paste
[BoA] - Energetic
[BoA] - Hurricane Venus
[BoA] - I Did It For Love
[Brown Eyed Girls] - Abracadabra
[Brown Eyed Girls] - Sixth Sense
[f(x)] - Chocolate Love
[f(x)] - Chu
[f(x)] - Hot Summer
[f(x)] - LA chA TA
[f(x)] - Danger
[f(x)] - Nu Abo
[DJDOC] - Shake It
[Epik High] - Wannabe Part 1
[Epik High] - Technology Part 2
[GaIn] - Irreversible
[Girls' Day] - Twinkle Twinkle
[Girls' Generation] - Chocolate Love
[Girls' Generation] - Gee
[Girls' Generation] - Genie
[Girls' Generation] - Hoot!
[Girls' Generation] - Oh!
[Girls' Generation] - Run Devil Run
[Girls' Generation] - Visual Dreams
[Girls' Generation] - Mr. Taxi
[Honeysh] - Shall I Get Married
[IU] - Good Day
[IU] - You and I
[Ivy] - Touch Me
[Jewelry] - One More Time
[Jewelry] - Back It Up
[JYJ] - Ayy Girl
[Kahi] - Come Back You Bad Person
[Kan Mi Youn] - Going Crazy
[Kara] - Honey
[Kara] - Jumping
[Kara] - Lupin
[Kara] - MR
[Kara] - Step
[Kim Wan Seon] - Be Quiet
[Lee Hyori] - Hey Mr. Big
[Lee Hyori] - U-Go-Girl
[Lee Hyun] - You Are the Best of My Life
[MBLAQ] - Cry
[MBLAQ] - Oh Yeah
[MBLAQ] - Stay
[Mighty Mouth] - Tok Tok
[Miss A] - Bad Girl, Good Girl
[Miss A] - Breathe
[Narsha] - BBI RI BOP A
[Narsha] - Mama Mia
[Orange Caramel] - Bangkok City
[Orange Caramel] - Funny Hunny
[Orange Caramel] - Magic Girl
[Orange Caramel] - Shanghai Romance
[PSY] - Right Now
[Secret] - Madonna
[Secret] - Magic
[Secret] - Starlight Moonlight
[Secret] - Shy Boy
[Seo In Gook] - Take
[Seo In Young] - Cinderella
[Seo In Young] - Oh My Gosh
[Seo In Young] - Into the Rythem
[Seo In Young] - Want you
[SHINee] - Lucifer
[SHINee] - Ring Ding Dong
[Shinhwa] - Venus
[Sistar] - How Dare You
[Sistar] - Ma Boy
[Sistar] - Push Push
[Sistar] - Shady Girl
[Son Dambi] - DB Rider
[Son Dambi] - Queen
[Son Dambi] - Saturday Night
[Son Dambi / After School] - Amoled
[Sunny Hill] - The Grasshopper Song
[Sunny Hill] - Midnight Circus
[Sunny Hill] - Pray
[Super Junior] - A Cha
[Super Junior] - Bonamana
[Super Junior] - Perfection
[Super Junior] - Sorry Sorry
[Super Junior] - Super Girl
[Super Junior] - Mr. Simple
[T-ara] - Roly Poly
[T-ara] - Roly Poly in Copacabana
[T-ara] - Bo Peep Bo Peep
[T-ara] - Bo Peep Christmas
[T-ara] - Crazy Because of You
[T-ara] - Ya Ya Ya
[T-ara] - Ya Ya Ya Christmas
[Tiger JK] - Get It In
[TVXQ!] - Before You Go
[TVXQ!] - Mirotic
[TVXQ!] - Keep Your Head Down
[Uhm Jung Hwa] - D.I.S.C.O.
[U-KISS] - Bingeul Bingeul
[UV] - Itaewon Freedom
[Wonder Girls] - Be My Baby
[Wonder Girls] - Nobody
[Wonder Girls] - So Hot
[Wonder Girls] - Tell Me
[Wonder Girls] - Two Different Tears

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