Monday, April 30, 2012

Eating Live Octopus

I had a friend from back in America post this video on my facebook wall and ask me if I have ever done this?  The answer is "no", but this is very common and I have watched Koreans eat live octopus before.

Seriously... I do not think I could ever do this.  Judging from the way she speaks, I am guessing she is Korean-American.


Sana Khatri said...

The fun is in the details! I love pouring over paint chips and fabric samples, literature review help and flooring alike!

essayswriters said...

I tell you why. Because humans are not animals, and our cavemen days are long past when raw meats would be eaten. I believe even thousands of years ago they still killed their prey before attempting to eat it. Also, octopus are cannibal and eat each other in nature, so would that mean human cannibalism is also acceptable for you? Hell, if animals do... To see more info please visit

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