Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Colbert - Rain Feud Video Chronology

I only knew who Rain was before moving to South Korea because Stephen Colbert declared him his arch nemesis in 2008.  Stephen is always looking to be honored and have his name on stuff, so he would each year chase after the online voters' choice for Time's 100 most influential people list.  Korean netizens proved to be more dedicated fans than the Colbert Nation, and themselves organized to spam Time's voting website to get Rain to the top of the list.  Rain has won the award for several years in a row and Korean netizens do it just to give KPOP more world exposure.

I have a couple new friends that have just arrived in Korea, and some of them do not know who Rain is.  Rain has focused more on movies (somewhat unsuccessfully) than music in the last couple years.  And recently he was finally called into active duty in the Korean armed forces and is serving his mandatory two year service.

This is just a post for them to view the chronology of Colbert's feud with Rain.  Funny stuff.

May 10th, 2007

June 5th, 2007

April 23rd, 2008

May 5th, 2008

May 5th, 2008

May 5th, 2008

June 14th, 2010

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rickypage007 said...

Thank you for this. I was there on Tuesday and it was magnificent. To sing “Singin’ in Korean” along with Stephen is priceless. To get more info please visit

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