Monday, April 2, 2012

Bullying Update

Now that we live in the age of every child having a smart phone with a video camera on them at all times, the entire world is connected and becoming collectively outraged by how terrible children treat each other.  I remember there being plenty of bullying when I was a kid, but parents (and everyone on the internet) never got to see it happen.

The issue of bullying continues to be a topic of national discussion in South Korea as every month one or two children take their own lives to make the agony of being constantly tormented by school bullies stop.

Last month I posted about Ellen's help in an internet campaign to get the rating changed on a new documentary about bullying in American schools.  The campaign to get the rating changed failed and the movie is going to be released without a rating now to avoid it being given an R rating, which would make it impossible for teachers to every show in high schools.

Here is the trailer for the video again:

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