Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Documentary About Bullying

Bullying has always been a problem.  Every culture at every point in time has had bullies who intimidate and pick on others to get what they want or feel better about themselves.  I was lucky enough to escape my childhood without being the target, but I was easily a bystander and watched other beings picked on by the bullies of my childhood schools.  The problem with kids is they always believe that they are the only one, and they cannot grasp the world waiting for them beyond today.  It gets better...

I saw this plea on facebook from Ellen to get the rating changed of an upcoming documentary about bullying.  It got an "R" rating for strong language (such bullshit) while on-screen sex and violence in movies like Twilight get the PG-13 pass.  All of the language in the film is in context and has an educational purpose I'm sure.

And here is the trailer for the film.  Korea has plenty of its own problems with bullying.  I really do think that bullying is not new, nor is it getting worse.  I think just that technology and the internet allows for people for the first time to see bullying of children on cell phone cameras and then easily shared over the internet.  Imagine the terrible things people could have watched if everyone in the deep south in the 1960s and 1970s had iphones with HD cameras.


Eat Your Kimchi recently also did a video about their experience with bullying.  I have always taught elementary school, and I'm sure it still exists, but I imagine it is not as bad as students at the middle and high school levels.

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