Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012

This 30 minute video put out by the organization, Invisible Children, has ignited the internet.  This is one of the most well put-together and concise videos I have ever seen.  Very powerful and very moving.

With that said...

Most of Africa in general is a pretty f'd up place and there is no way this guy could continue to operate if local government and police authorities were not at least a little involved in keeping his operation going.  This video doesn't give us all the information, but I am sure it is more complicated than just "kill or capture this one guy".  In general... I firmly believe it is not good policy and I don't support the practice of foreign powers going into less developed countries and settling their disputes for them. It is not and should not be our business. Denying these people, or any people, the right of self-determination leads them to reject whatever outcome (positive or not) that we thrust upon them.

However, this is an awareness campaign.  I believe the statistic in the video that less than 1% of the world knows who Kony is, and this guy is arguably the world's worst human rights abuser. George Clooney is right in this video, mass murders should be as famous as Hollywood actors and people should work together to stop them. The people of Uganda have to stop this from happening, and there is a lot the West can do to help them (without doing it for them) and that is what I support. Being aware never hurt anyone and that is the main focus of this internet campaign.  Everyone should be aware and help the people in all parts of the world who are struggling and suffering to improve their lives.

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Bogdan Zaliskiy said...

Kinda interesting. Im sure this not gonna happen again.

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