Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Launches 24 English News Network - CCTV America

Since moving abroad and escaping the corporate American media bubble, I have found a lot of foreign English based news programs and I have grown to appreciate their alternative perspectives on both American and international events.  I am a youtube subscriber to both Aljazeera English and Russia Television.  I also enjoy the PBS's News Hour and Comedy Central's Daily Show and Colbert Report, but beyond that, I cannot watch for-profit corporate news anymore because it is just so sensational and vitriol.

Anyone who appears on television and is given the power to reach audiences of millions of people is owned and censored by someone on certain issues.  I do not see an ethical difference between having a government funded bias or a corporate "for-profit" bias.  People should be smart enough to take in information and realize it has always been filtered first by someone with an agenda.  With that said, it should be fun to see what a China owned and operated cable news network has to say about world events and American foreign policy (in English!).

I cannot find their official Youtube Channel, so maybe that will come soon.  This is their website in the meantime and embedded below is a news piece from the PBS News Hour.  Check it out!


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