Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KPOP Korral - [Lee Hyun] - You Are the Best of My Life

Lee Hyun (이현) is a singer and the leader of a ballad group called 8Eight.  I do not normally enjoy Korean ballad songs, but this video is very amusing to watch.  I recommend checking it out, even if you also do not care for ballads.

It is interesting to see in this video what Koreans view as being unattractive.  They just gave a normal looking woman freckles and pig tails and all of a sudden she is hideous.  Hilarious!  It reminded me of the movie "She's All That", which then reminded me of the parody movie of that movie, "Not Another Teen Movie."  All you have to do is give an attractive woman glasses and a pony tail and BAAM, she's hideous... lol


CeilingofStars said...

This is really bizarre to me. I mean the girl's hair is stupid, but her freckles are really cute and she's like perfectly conventionally attractive to me.

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