Thursday, April 14, 2011

South Korean Police Find $10 Million US Buried in a Garlic Field

Hot damn, I think I need to quit this teaching gig I have and start digging up garlic fields full-time!

South Korean police found 11.08 billion won, or $10.2 million, in cash buried in a garlic field and suspect the money came from illegal Internet gambling gains, Yonhap News Agency said Monday. 
Quoting police, Yonhap said an illegal online gambling site set up by two brothers in 2008 produced more than 17 billion won in profits and they asked a brother-in-law to hide the money. 
The brother-in-law, 53, hid part of the money in his garlic farm in Gimje, about 262 kilometers southwest of Seoul, and skimmed 280 million won for his personal use. 
He later falsely accused an excavator who helped him do landscaping work in the garlic field of stealing 700 million won. 
The excavator filed a complaint with the police last Friday, prompting a police investigation that eventually uncovered the piles of cash in the garlic field. 
The younger brother has been put behind bars for operating the online gambling business, while the elder brother has fled and is now wanted by police, Yonhap said.
Wow, all that money from illegal internet gambling.  They should have quit when they were ahead.
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