Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Completed Criminal Background Check

Easily my most searched for and visited page is my walk through of how to get a FBI criminal background check to teach English in South Korea.  I posted that on October 25th and applied myself that week to get my own FBI background check so I could renew my contract this year.  South Korea then changed their enforcement policy and said everyone who was already here in Korea teaching did not need their background check to renew in 2011.  I lost motivation and took my sweet time mailing it to the state department.  I finally got the completed deal with the state apostille seal last week.

Lots of people want to know what it looks like, so here's mine (with my name blacked out).  I have a clean record and you will notice on both the CBC and the State Letter there is an embossed seal in the paper.  You need both of these for it to be official.



gwern said...

Thanks! This is very useful to me - it confirms that the FBI screwed me over and *both* times sent me an unsigned background check, since neither one has that signature prominent on yours.

Daniel said...

Wait, so you have to get a federal paper apostolized by a state government? Is that even valid?

TWEffect said...

For Americans, you need to get a federal apostile seal from the federal state department for your background check to be a legitimate document used to issue a visa.

monomono said...

So did you receive both of these documents int he initial envelope when you got your CBC back? Or is the top one something you got once you sent in the CBC for appostile? I included the correct note, but today I only got the signed and embossed CBC in the mail, but no second peice of paper like the top one shown here. Help??

TWEffect said...

@ mono, I think you are missing a step. If you sent it off to the FBI, and just got it back, there is one more step. You must sent it to the State department now and get a apostille seal. Check my walkthrough to find out how to do that.

The Neon Tiger said...

So, when the Korean Government then changed their minds (a second time) about the requirement making it unnecessary if you were already here, did they release any formal information about that. Do you know of anyway to prove or verify that with a potential employer? Because I'm pretty sure Koreans will have no idea about the exception. Basically, where can I fine the official information?

Lorraine said...

so you mailed off your documents at the end of October and you received them mid-April?

ComicinAsia said...

What do I need for the Diploma requirement? I guess my original diploma and sealed transcripts are no longer any good?

Marie W said...

Yes, The entire process can take anywhere between 3-5 months! Make sure to get everything started ASAP. I also have some helpful tips for you guys on my blog! The process is a little different if you are living in Korea.

qtipsq said...

The blacked out areas, have your name, adress and your date of birth on it? Just curious.

qtipsq said...
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Zeph said...
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Zeph said...

Thank you for this site. It's been incredibly helpful.

I wanted to let you know that a new update for this procedure is that Korea is now requesting 2 original CRCs: 1 for immigration and 1 for the Board of Education. So far it's only a few cities that are enforcing it (including Gwangju) but I hear that it's supposed to be in effect for all of Korea some time around mid-2012.

Anyway, thanks for all of your work putting this blog together. Greatly appreciated.

Michael Smith said...

I was surprised by their inventory. Contrary to their name, they have much more than records. Stop in and take a look around. Free Texas Criminal Background Check

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