Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KPOP Korral - [Super Junior M] - Perfection

Every time I see a new video by Super Junior (슈퍼주니어), there appears to be less of them in the video.  At one point they had thirteen members and now I only see seven of them.  They have misplaced nearly half their members.  Maybe there is some KPOP reality TV show were these guys have to perform absurd tasks to be judged and each month a different member is kicked out of the band.  That'd be awesome...

Their latest video is Perfection (太完美).  These guys never disappoint in delivering a decent song with a slick video.  Even though none of my students even pretend like they remember "Sorry, Sorry", they're probably still my favorite guy group.

The folks at EatYourKimchi noticed a growing trend in male kpop stars wearing ridiculous furry hats.  Nice catch.  What is up with that?


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