Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KPOP Korral - [Sistar] - How Dare You

Sistar (씨스타) is a four member girl group created by Starship Entertainment.  The group enjoyed much success after their debut last summer with their hits "Push Push" and "Shady Girl".  Their latest hit song and video is "How Dare You" (니까짓게).

In a recent radio interview, group member Bora was asked if the girls were contractually forbidden from dating.  She replied that restrictions on dating was not in writing, but was a promise the group members made when they were signed.  She was then told by Starship Entertainment that if any of the girls absolutely HAD TO date, it should only be with another top star.  lol

This video was banned because there was a brief period in which it looked like the girls would be pole dancing.  The whole video feels a little pornographic to begin with, so it is uncertain if their popularity took a hit or got a boost from this video.  Eat Your Kimchi had a fun review, check 'em out.


Chip said...

It's way better when you watch it with no sound

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