Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arirang World TV Shits on "Healthy" Women

I want to thank The Grand Narrative for posting on this topic and raising awareness of it.  Since he posted, the video was taken down from Arirang's Youtube channel.  You can read TGN's posts here and here.  The segment is an outrage and I seriously want to find the editor who okay'd this segment and punch him in the face.

This segment actually had the audacity to tell these gorgeous women that they should take "more care" of themselves or do "some yoga" to fix their disgusting and "chubby" looking legs.  The photoshoped images of how much skinnier these "healthy" legs should be almost made me vomit on my keyboard.

Seriously, the left leg on the "after doing some yoga" picture is creepy.

One of the worst things about Korean culture is their obsession with physical beauty.  Unattractive people are openly discriminated against daily in every social situation and I have had coworkers deliberately go out of their way to make other less attractive coworkers feel like shit all the time.  It is also socially acceptable amongst my coworkers to talk about the physical attractiveness of other coworkers and even our students (sometimes in front of them).  I always refuse to participate and when Koreans comment about my physical appearance I put my foot down and let them know that is not in anyway appropriate or appreciated.

I can't believe in this segment actually targeted T-ara's Eun-Jung (함은정) and said she needed to slim down those "healthy" legs in order to become perfect.  This is one of the most attractive women on the planet and there is nothing about her that needs changing before I can declare her perfect.  Her legs look great.


Brian said...

hahaha, i saw this segment while running at the gym the other day. it was hilarious. tasteless and stupid of course, but hilarious in that it existed and was approved for airing.

you sound more than slightly biased in your love for the T-Ara girl, though. Her legs are kinda stubby, but if that's your thing, more power to you :-)

TWEffect said...

Yep, I kind of have a thing for t-ara. Their cute animal costumes are what get me.

This is why, they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. And as it happens, I have a thing for most T-ara members too, healthy legs and all. But personally, the animal costumes actually put me off!

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