Thursday, February 10, 2011

Koreans Don't Know Coco

Saw this on Brian's blog.  I'm not surprised young Koreans don't know who Conan O'Brian is.  I feel like action or romance stars are more easily transferable across language barriers than comedic stars.

On the January 27th, 2011 episode of Conan's new show on TBS he went to the Hollywood Blvd. Wax Museum to see how his statue is doing.  He bumped into some Korean girls and had a funny exchange.

Here is the extended clip from Conan's website.

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Prime said...

This is absolutely hilarious. My girls sound and act EXACTLY like that when confronted with a foreigner. Conan being, what, 6'4" or so probably didn't (or did) help his cause. Hell, I've got coteachers/staff workers who act like that/make those sounds too. I don't think females in Korea reach maturity until ajumma age come to think of it.

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