Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ask a Waygook - What Songs Can You Sing at a Noraebang?

Noraebang (노래방) is the Korean equivalent to Japanese karaoke.  However, unlike western style karaoke, where people get up on stage and often sing in front of strangers at a bar on a Tuesday night, Koreans rent small (or sometimes large) rooms for private singing sessions amongst friends and coworkers.  It can be fun, but you will get caught off guard the first time you go in one.  Half drunk Koreans will insist you choose a song and sing something, and many westerners have never tried karaoke prior to coming to Korea.

Westerners coming to Korea want to know "What songs are available?"  A Korean noraebang machine's selection of English songs is more extensive than you might think with some machines having thousands of English songs to choose from.  I was surprised myself by some of the most obscure listings.  To make this easy, I just took a picture with my camera of every page in the provided song book.  Flipping through the book while in the noraebang room can be flustering, so click on each picture to make it larger (then maybe even right click save as) and go ahead and look through what English songs are available in Korea.  You can go to youtube and find a karaoke version to practice of nearly every song they have.  I recommend choosing and practicing five.  Practice at home, then the next time Koreans suggest noraebang that night you will be prepared.


Breda said...

My current go-to song is "Self Esteem" by Offspring. But it's always in those other mystery pages of English songs hidden elsewhere in the book. What is with those pages?

Tanya said...

Wow, nice work! Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

new member, taught engrish to the fine folk in Masan for 2-3 beer filled years, actually brought my wife back, love the noribang too many memories..can't take my eyes off you!!

Sadia said...
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Sadia said...

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