Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Are Young Japanese Men Doing Wrong?

I recently posted about Japan losing its sex drive:
A survey conducted by O-net revealed further evidence of the growing prevalence of Japanese herbivorous men -- or soushokukei-danshi -- who are not only shy when it comes to seducing women, but have little or no interest in them.
According to the survey of 800 people who turned 20 years old this year, 83.7 percent of Japanese males said they were not dating anyone, while 49.3 percent said they had never had any girlfriends. 
More surprising was the news that in a separate survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare published by the Japan Family Planning Association that 36.1 percent of Japanese males, aged 16 to 19, had no interest in sex whatsoever -- up from a 2008 record of 17.5 percent.
CNNGO found a fun list to explain some of the common things about Japanese men that are a turn off to Japanese women.  They are translations from POUCH:
So what's the difference between the guys who do have girlfriends and those who don’t?
Here are the best answers from lifestyle site POUCH, which listed the kinds of behaviors that don't rate on the seduction scale.
15 behavior traits of young Japanese men that turn off women:
1 - Cutting in conversations to talk about himself.
2 - Dressing up only in black clothes.
3 - Letting his fingernails get dirty.
4 - Trash talking women on blogs and social networks (indicating his misogynistic tendency).
5 - Lacking confidence.
6 - Letting his parents overprotect him.
7 - Not knowing when to step forward and pass a couple flirting ahead of him on the street (indicating his inability to be decisive).
8 - Hesitating to open a door if he sees his neighbor do the same (easily chickening out).
9 - Going outside in his sweats (lacking fashion sense).
10 - Being lackadaisical about anything except some weird stuff he’s really into.
11 - Trying to caress a girl's head when he gets drunk.
12 - Getting ecstatic when his hands are in contact with the hand of a cute shopping assistant who is just giving him change.
13 - Thinking of himself as too handsome to be satisfied with his potential girlfriends.
14 - Taking an extremely long trip by bicycle rather than using public transport.
15 - Thinking of accidental eye contact with a girl as her romantic interest in him.
Ha ha ha ha... some of these are pretty much every teenage boy before he loses his virginity though...

NMA World Edition also has a video...


gwern said...

With things like this, I always wonder how much is one the guys' end and how much the gals. This looks consistent with rising female standards. (They expect their boyfriends to understand and appreciate fashion? Since when have most guys ever had those qualities?)

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