Sunday, January 23, 2011

KPOP Korral - [GD & TOP] - Knock Out & High High

GD (left) and TOP (right) are two of the five members of the Korean boy band group Big Bang.  In the group they go by the names G-Dragon (G-드래곤 aka 권지용) and T.O.P (탑 aka 최승현).   These two are actually childhood friends and often practiced rap and dance together in middle school while dreaming of being pop stars.  They separated during high school but were reunited by YG Entertainment when they were formed together with three other members to make Big Bang.  All of the members since 2009 have been working semi-independently and releasing solo songs and videos.

GD and TOP released a whole album, but the two songs with videos worth checking out are Knock Out (뻑이가요) and High High.  They definitely look and sound different from the usual KPOP.  Not a lot of hip hop electro funk in Korea.

I did notice a lot of foreigners in these videos.  I guess using English is no longer enough to be edgy in their songs, they have to physically have English speakers present in the videos for the kids to get excited.

Heavy use of the Playboy logo.  I still don't know what to make of that... I don't think most Koreans realize that symbol stands for sexual promiscuity.  "Playboy" in Korean actually only means a man with many friends.  Not quite the same as in English...

Am I the only one who thinks T.O.P's new look makes him look like James Marsters' character Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


usos said...

Had to leave a comment about the "playboy" sign - it's actually a peace sign that looks like the playboy logo.

Yasir Khalid said...

It's hard to tell what this couple's situation is from the post... but I hope the wife is not being pushed around by the husband on this issue. She doesn't mention any names she likes at all. I hope they can find a name they BOTH like, and that she isn't being bullied into anything free pokies australia.

Sana Khatri said...

I (Carol) also enjoy the Live-At-The-Met Concerts and have a dear friend in Massachusetts with whom I discuss them.

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