Thursday, November 25, 2010

USS George Washington Returns to Korea

The USS George Washington came to South Korea last July to participate in war games exercises.  It was a symbolic show of force by the United States to send a signal to Pyongyang in response to the Cheonan sinking.  With the recent artillery attack, the aircraft carrier has now been ordered back to the Korean peninsula.

The U.S.S. George Washington has left its home port and is sailing to the Korean Peninsula. The Aircraft Carrier, with 75 fighter aircraft and 6000 Sailors and Marines will be participating in exercises in the region. The Pentagon says that the exercises were planned prior to yesterday's artillery attack on South Korea. President Obama had vouched that the United States would protect South Korea.
The Pentagon said that the exercises were of defensive nature and have been planned for some time. Even though the exercises were planned prior to the unprovoked attack by North Korea, the deployment of the U.S.S. George Washington proves the strength of the Alliance between the U.S. and South Korea and the U.S.'s resolve for stability and deterrance in the region, said the Pentagon. The nuclear powered aircraft carrier's home port is a Navy port south of Tokyo.
North Korea attacked a South Korean Island on Tuesday. The leadership in North Korea emphasized that they had reacted to fire coming from South Korea. "With this irresponsible provocation Seoul has brought the Korean peninsula to the brink of war", reported the North Korean state news agency KCNA. North Korea conceded that it was holding military exercises in the area, but at not time were any shots fired North.
It had previously been reported that 2 South Korean Marines were killed during the attack. Since then police have found two dead civilians on the island. The dead are reported to be civilians aged between 60 and 70.
All major powers in the region and the UN have condemned the attack. No military response was anticipated by the White House. Whether or not the U.S.S. George Washinton is part of a response or a pre-scheduled exercise remains to be seen.
The regime in North Korea is undergoing a change in leadership and analysts believe that with the passing of the leadership baton, the North Korean has become more powerful and is flexing its muscle. China is the key to regional stability and must be engaged by the U.S. to assert its influence on North Korea.
No way it was a coincidence.  I don't know why the United States lies about stuff like that.  North Korea doesn't believe it anyways.  Here's video of it leaving Japan.

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Kelsey said...

Um, the US and Korean forces have these joint exercises every year.

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