Monday, November 1, 2010

Korean Man Charged With Stealing Thousands of Middle School Girls' Panties.

Yeah... that's just bizarre on so many levels.  This was on the Jeonju Hub, courtesy of the Jeonbuk Ilbo.
After a careful investigation, GoChang Police have arrested a 36-year-old-man and charged him with stealing over 2300 articles of young women's underwear from over 50 middle schools in the region. He stole from lockers, bags, and mostly gym locker rooms. Was he some kind of pervert? No, he was running an online discount underwear business!
Can you go to jail for this?  Is this guy even capable of getting into some kind of treatment program?  How did a man sneak into young women's changing rooms undetected long enough to accumulate thousands of panties?  Who were the detectives that followed these leads and how did they catch this master thief?  I must know...

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