Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks for Reading and the First 10,000 Hits

My blog just went over its first 10,000 hits.  I just wanted to thank everyone who visits, comments, or is reading this.  I am new to the world of blogging about Korea, and I have been enjoying it as a part-time hobby.

If you like my blog and have one of your own, consider adding a link on your page to increase my traffic.  I am also down for doing the same if you blog about anything related to South Korea.  Leave a comment or e-mail me.  (thewaygookeffect [at] gmail [dot] com)

My first post was on July 12th, just over three months ago, and I have made 128 posts since then.

For fun, I am going to post all the statistics about my blog if there are any other bloggers out there who like analyzing data as much as I do.

Not surprisingly, more than 2/3rd of my visitors are within South Korea right now.  I am also happy to see all the Google Chrome users.  That is what I use and think it is the best.

I only recently added my blog to the Korean Blog List last week.  I really should have done that sooner.  It has already brought me tons of traffic.  Likwise, facebook sharing of my posts seems to be the best way to reach people.  Google searches is a distant second.

If you are reading this blog, you probably first found it because of the video I made about Hitler having to desk warm.  I really did not think it would have been that popular when I making it, but apparently I struck a cord with native teachers in Korea with that one.
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