Sunday, October 31, 2010

One in Three Korean Teens Would Exchange Sex For Money

South Korea is seen as much of a paradox to waygooks when it comes to sex.  Casual dating for Koreans before marriage is is not socially acceptable.  Living together before marriage is not socially acceptable.  Public displays of affection are taboo.  Sex is not to be talked about and the official position of every Korean is that they do not have it and nobody in Korea has it before marriage.

And yet... there are multiple red light districts in every major city in this country.  Women are for sale in windows for anyone with enough cash.  Hooker cards and littered all over the cities.  Coffee girls buzz around the city on the backs of motorcycles doing thirty minute house calls.  Love motels out number churches in this country.  Most barbershops and bathhouses openly advertise "happy ending" services.  This country is living a lie when it comes to the reality of their subversive sexual desires.

This is the result... nearly one in three teens would accept money for sex.  Because that is how it is now anyways.  And valuing your body and reserving sex for someone you care for and enjoy spending time with (but maybe don't necessarily plan on marrying) is forbidden.

Story in the Times:
One out of three adolescents said in a recent survey that they were willing to engage in sex in exchange for money. 
The Women’s Human Rights Commission of Korea (WHRCK) surveyed 2,894 teenagers — 2,538 students and 356 juvenile delinquents — nationwide in June and July to take a look at their views on sex. 
A total of 1,891 or 66.9 percent said they would “reject” having sex for money.
Eighteen percent of the respondents said they would take money “depending on the situation”; 3.5 percent said they definitely would take it; and 11.5 percent said they were “unsure.”
“This survey means that about one third of adolescents could be vulnerable to such offers,” an official from WHRCK said.
Some students said they had engaged in sex for cash — 101, or 3.6 percent, said they had experience in the sex trade, mostly sex resulting from Internet chatting. The two main reasons for prostituting themselves were suggestions from friends, and to make a living after running away from home.
“People have to recognize that trading sex is a crime. We will educate teenagers and support victims of the sex trade based on this survey,” the official said.
The research showed 7.3 percent, or 208, of those surveyed had experienced sexual intercourse. About 3 percent of students had sex, compared to 39 percent of the delinquents.
Among the 208 teenagers, the age of having their first sexual encounter ranged from nine to 19 — the average age was 15.4. 
Their partners were mostly boy or girlfriends, taking up 63 percent, followed by older or younger school friends. 
About half of the students said they had sex consensually, however, the ratio differed by gender. Some 63 percent of males answered both parties agreed to do so, while only 35 percent of girls said the same. More girls said they had their first sexual relations by force or involuntarily after getting drunk.
And remember, the legal age of consent in Korea is 13 years olds.  Paying a 13 year old to have sex with you may be a crime, but having sex with a 13 year old is not.

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