Monday, October 25, 2010

FBI Background Check Walk Through For E-2 Visa Holders

*** Update *** - As of March 2011, I have my completed FBI Background check and you can follow the link to see what it looks like.

E-2 visa applicants from The United States who want to either start teaching in South Korea as of January 1st, 2011, or currently teach in South Korea and want to renew their contract after this date, must submit an FBI criminal background check to Korean immigration.

The reason for this change in policy is obvious.  Example, if an American lives in the State of California their whole life, commits numerous crimes, maybe even serves time in jail, then moves to any another state, they then have a clean criminal background check in that new state.  Up until now, Korea has been accepting criminal background checks from any state, regardless of how long a person has lived in that state.

I actually have heard about several past E-2 visa holders (gone now) who have had criminal backgrounds in one state that would have kept them from teaching in South Korea, and they simply moved to another state, waited a month to establish residency, then applied to work in South Korea with their new state's criminal background check.  Nobody in Korean immigration could have possibly known they committed crimes in the United States and were able to teach here by way of this loophole.

The downside of FBI criminal checks is that they do not include everything.  Any time you are fingerprinted after being arrested, it is supposed to show up in your FBI background check.  However, state and local authorities have some discretionary authority on what to report to the FBI.  Likewise, the FBI might get a report and choose not to include it for whatever reason.  Then, there is also just the gauntlet of paperwork involved and stuff slips through the cracks and does not make it on.  Whatever...

If you have ever been fingerprinted for anything ever in your life, the only way to know what is on your FBI background check is to ask for a copy and see for yourself.  There is a process to dispute what is on there if you feel like a mistake has been made.



This process takes between three and four months.  Do not underestimate it because it could end up costing you your job if you do not get it done.  No other English speaking countries have a process that takes this long to get an equivalent national background check.  Additionally, numerous things could go wrong in this process causing further delays.  Americans are put at an extreme disability in applying to teach in South Korea from now on.


If you are living in the United States now, then simply go to a local police station and request to be fingerprinted.  Let them know it is because you need to apply for a FBI criminal background check to work abroad.  They should be able to help you no problem.

If you are living in South Korea right now because you want to stay another year, then you need to make it to a local Korean police station to be fingerprinted.  You need find a Korean police station that has a CSI crime lab.  It looks like this.  The bigger the station, the more likely they will have one.  You can ask a Korean to help you call around to learn where they have CSI departments.  Going with a Korean is preferable, but you can also just go on your own with a written note.  I suggest trying to get time off work during the day to go get this done.

Before you go...

1) The website with the information on requesting a criminal background check is here. (LINK)  Read it.
2) Fill out and print off the application form. (LINK)
3) Print off five copies of the standard fingerprint form (FD-258) and fill each of them out.  Printed on a color printer is preferable.  (LINK)  You should get a full set of prints on three of them to mail in, but if the officer or you makes a mistake, it is good to have two extra blanks to start over if needed.  You need to send in three in the event the FBI rejects one because of smudging and wants a new one.
4) Print one copy of an example of a completed fingerprint card.  (LINK)  The officer who took my prints had never used an FBI print card before and really appreciated the example I brought him.
5) Fill out and print off the credit card payment form.  (LINK)  They do not accept personal checks.
6) Bring with you to the station your passport and alien registration card.  You actually should not need to provide them, but they will want to see them to confirm your identity and make a copy for record keeping purposes.


You need to write a cover letter for your application form to the FBI.  On it, you are going to need to add several important things.

1) Include any kind of contact information you have.  Your e-mail, your phone number, your mailing address and possibly a mailing address in the United States or a person and contact number in the United States if they need to contact someone about the processing.
2) Include a request to the FBI asking them to use their official seal for the document and have a division officer sign it..  You can say something like this:
"Please include with the background check a FBI seal and signature from a Division Officer.  The purpose of this document is to be sent next to the US State Department for a Federal Apostille."
Mail your cover letter, your application form, the three copies of your finger prints, and your credit card payment form to the following address:

FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

The FBI contact number for the FBI Office in West Virginia is 304-625-5590 if you have any questions.


Once you have received your FBI criminal background check with official signature and seal.  You then must mail it in to the Office of Authentications for the US Department of State.  (LINK)

Part 1:

Effective as of March 1st, 2012, the US Department of State has altered their paper work process in the Office of Authentications. Before, there was just a regular PDF to download, print off, fill out, and then mail in.

That has changed and now "copies of the DS-4194 form are not permissible!" The new instructions for filling out the form to get an Apostille Seal placed on your FBI background check are as follows:

1) - Download form DS-4194 using this link (HERE)
2) - Install Cerenade Visual Reader Application (HERE)
3) - Open Cerenade Visual Reader Application
4) - From within Cerenade Visual Reader Application open DS-4194.FAR
5) - Complete the entire form for the finalized barcode to appear

For more information on this form and program click (HERE)

Part 2:

1) Include a personal check or money order for the processing fee made out to "The US State Department".  They do not accept credit cards.  The amount you owe can be found in the estimate cost section of the form.
2) Include the FBI background check and be certain that the signature and seal of the agency is present.

On the notes and special instructions, be certain to mention you need a Federal Apostille for this document for the purpose of obtaining a work visa in South Korea.  It is important that they know which country wants this and why they want it.

The State Department explicitly says this:
Please include a cover-letter ( see example) with your name, telephone number, address and email address. Please indicate the name of the country where the document will be used. We suggest using a self-addressed stamped envelope for faster return of your documents. Documents received without a return envelope and postage will be returned through the State Department regular mail, which can result in a 2-3 week delay. You can use Fed/Ex, UPS, and express mail services for faster receipt/return of your documents. However, you must enclose a prepaid airbill and envelope.
Mail to:

U.S. Department of State
Authentications Office
518 23rd Street NW SA-1
Columbia Plaza
Washington, DC 20520

 STEP 4:

Bring this document with you to the immigration office when you renew, or else supply it to your recruiter when you apply.  Congrats!


Tiffani said...

Hey, thanks for the info, but here's my question -

I have yet to hear about this from EPIK, my recruiter, my school, anyone. I find it hard to believe that they won't let people renew without these checks when they don't tell anyone about the requirements change. It seems like a lengthy and costly process for them not to tell anyone.

What do you think will happen if people don't do this on their own initiative?

The Waygook Effect said...

I actually was planning to do another post tomorrow about exactly this.

Things are going crazy right now. There are probably close to 10,000 American E-2 visa holders, and probably a majority of them will want to renew their contract at some point in 2011 to stay another year.

I've received e-mails saying one thing and another. I am assuming that immigration is just going to break their own rules so people can stay. Literally thousands of people are going to get trapped by this next year.

It also might come down to a city by city and province by province ruling. People in different parts of the countries will either be told to leave or stay depending on if the immigration officer behind the counter is having a good or a bad day.

My bottom line, do not risk it. Just apply for it and get it done as soon as possible.

Let's say an American E-2 visa holder next year molests a child in a public school. It turns out he had an FBI record, but got into the country on a cleared state record. There would then be a massive uproar against native speakers and even if they had been telling everyone for months they weren't going to enforce this rule for teachers already in the country, they might then just deport thousands of teachers who don't have it.

It could happen.

Hamish said...

My wife is planning to start the process this week (fingers crossed) but like so many other things when you live in the middle of nowhere Korea, nothing is ever easy and this wasn't to start with. *sigh*

Our boss wants us to stay for a second year, it should be easier than this.... it should be, not no. Thanks Korea :(

gwern said...

Does anyone have a link to an image of a properly signed or sealed etc. background check?

I made a mistake and sent my first one in without any such cover letter, and then sent a second with a cover letter - but the second one just came back looking nigh identical to the first!

Howard Jerel Hughes said...

Thanks for the information. This was very helpful.

Gabe said...

So here is my issue:

I applied for an FBI CBC in mid Oct 2010 because I was planning on extending my E-2 visa, but work for a different school. I finally received it 1 day before Christmas and noticed something f*cked up on it; I was falsely arrested in 2007, however I was finger printed and the city sent this information to the FBI and it showed up on the FBI CBC, even though it does says 'dismissed' on the FBI document. It didn't even cross my mind that this would show up because 1.) I was innocent of the crime and it was dismissed 2.) It didn't show up on my state background check.

The FBI CBC states this:


So, since I found out that this was on my record, I later learned that I could have had it off of my FBI CBC if i would have requested the Washington State Patrol's office to request to the FBI to take it off my record. So I did this the first week of January and it is now off of my FBI CBC. I also immediately ordered a new FBI CBC, just in case...

The only problem now is that
my E-2 Visa ends Feb 18th and I will be transferring to a new school (if everything works out with Korean Immigration) Starting the First of March.

The Director of my new school wants to take all of my documents to the Korean Immigration next week (Feb 15). Do you think I should just give all my documents to her and just see how it goes at Korean Immigration? Or do you think that I should just give her everything except for the FBI CBC and say it is in the process of being sent (the second one is)?

I really do not know what I should do.... any advice would help

TWEffect said...

I say give them the CBC with the arrest on it. Immigration isn't looking for a clean record, they just want to see your record in case you've been convicted of a serious crime. You've never been convicted of anything according to your record.

It also looks like it clearly says "Sentenced-dismissed" so if they mention anything just explain that you were falsely arrested and that it has been cleared and you ordered a new CBC just in case.

I say you are fine, but definitely play your cards close to your chest and be careful how you explain this to your new employer and immigration.

alex said...

I have an issue that I am currently dealing with. I have been teaching in Korea now for a year, and got hired for a new job in January and will start the job at the end of February. I applied for the FBI background check. I was charged with a DUI in 2005, and got it set-aside. It did not show up on my state-background check, and since my state background check was clear I stated that I was not charged with anything, my recruiter knows about it, and told me that it’d be okay, but my current Employer and soon-to-be-Employer are unaware of my charge. I don’t know if it will show up or not on my FBI CBC. I have already submitted documents for a visa transfer and it was successful. But, I am not sure what to do when I receive my FBI CBC. It seems like a very grey situation for me, what should I do/expect?

TWEffect said...

Hey Alex,

Not sure what "set-aside" means. If you plead guilty and settled on a plea bargain then it will certainly show up on your FBI record.

I agree with your recruiter and also am going to say it doesn't matter. Immigration is mostly checking to see that you aren't a violent criminal, sexual predator, or habitual drug abuser. A DUI doesn't fall under any of those.

If you have already made it through immigration to stay another year without showing your CBC, then you don't have to. You can tell your employer, but if they didn't ask for it, then you don't have to show them.

Simple as that I believe...

alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alex said...

Ok great thanks for the advice. I just spoke with my recruiter's boss(my new recruiter as well) and my visa process is complete, but she is still asking for my FBI background check and apostiled diploma and another document. I am not sure what to do?

TWEffect said...

Unless you have physically been to the immigration office and have been told you will receive your ARC card in the mail (or have your current ARC updated), you have not completed the visa renewal process yet. If you've done that, then you are finished and they don't have to see it.

I say you are fine. Show it if you must and just explain what happened.

alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alex said...

I have not physically been there yet, but my recruiter and new work took my documentation to there and I just received my updated/extended visa and ARC. So does that mean I have completed the process? Thank you so much again for you help, I really appriciate it.

TWEffect said...

If you have your ARC card and they initialed the back with your new exit date, then you are good.

80d15f48-4aa7-11e0-b813-000bcdca4d7a said...


Question: this says to go to a Police station in South Korea to get your fingerprints if you are living in the country already, but on the FBI instructions sheet, very bottom #3 says "Identity of private contractors should be included in the employer/address box" How does this work? This is to verify that the establishment is legit, but how will the FBI verify, 1.) the location, and 2.) that the location made sure you are who you say you are?

shinch'on said...

Are you sure that you need three fingerprint cards? I cant imagine that three are required. The FBI website says only one is required. CaN You explain why you said three?

TWEffect said...

@80d - I guess the FBI has to take people with a little bit of faith. When you go to the Korean police station, they will take the process very serious. In one of the boxes they will put their address and contact information for their station, and they will use your ARC card to confirm your identity.

@Shin - You are correct, three are not required and only one is. However, the FBI is very picky and may reject any set of prints for anything being out of the ordinary. Obtaining and mailing in three copies ensures that between the three of them the FBI will accept at least one of them. If there is a smudge or the FBI can't read a print, they will send you a letter rejecting your request and tell you to start over... meaning, a set back of months. Three copies is just a smart thing to do, but not necessary.

Allison said...

How many you want to submit depends on how good your local police are at fingerprinting. I got 3 copies from the police here in Korea, but all of them were rejected by the FBI because they weren't clear enough. If I were you I'd check them as they do them, and if you can't see your fingerprints super clearly, get them redone.
I wish I had...

The police officer who did mine said they do these a lot for the foreigners, but to my mind they didn't seem to have much experience - certainly not compared to a police officer in the US. And when you think about it...relative crime rates plus location of the fingerprinter (US-at the jail, KR- at the CSI office) they just don't have the practice here to do them really well.

So one really good copy will do it, but it may take them 5 tries before you get that one.

Allison said...

Also on the FBI website is an example of what sort of clarity they're looking for in your fingerprints. Take a copy with you...

Shelsie! said...

Has anyone had a problem with their FBI Background Check getting rejected because of poor fingerprints? I think having our fingerprints taken by ink in any police station where the people are nice enough is really tough. When I went to get it done before, the police officer lost patience with me because my fingerprints weren't turning out well. I am worried that my second application will get rejected again because there is no proper place to get your fingerprints taken in Korea. In America, they have digital scanners that have more accuracy and companies for profit that will do it. I will probably end up not being able to work in Korea because of my fingerprints. They are just really shallow and faint.

Anthony said...

My issue is: I don't have a credit, do you happen to know if I'm able to use someone else's credit card to pay for it? (Clearly I'm paying my friend in cash). If not, I'm in trouble. D:!

TWEffect said...

Yes, you are able to do this. Just put down his information on the form with your request information and have him sign it at the bottom and mail it in together.

geoff said...

About the finger print card..
I was able to do them myself using black stamp-ink bought at a simple stationary shop. The FBI had no problem at all. Just print out the finger print card and D.I.Y.
If it seems that they are not clear, do them again.

Aaron said...

Question: Does the FBI Background check that has been signed and certified by the CJIS need to be notarized before sending it to the department of state for the apostille? Or, can I send it directly to the Department of State to get the appostille without having it notarized?

TWEffect said...

If it was signed and certified by the division officer, it does not need to be notarized.

shinch'on said...

What if there is a charge on the FBI check? I pled no contest to a carrying a loaded weapon in public charge. The other two charges were dismissed, but still show up on the FBI report. I had the charge I pled no contest to, expunged from the record, but it just shows the charge retroactively dismissed. The report even showed 18 months probabtion on it. I talked with the FBI and my State Justice Department, and the record is not going to get changed; this is the way it looks.
Is this a deal breaker for getting a visa?
Should I just send it to the State Department, get it back, and take my chances?
What are your thoughts?

Virgin in an Active World said...

What do you put for the "ORI" on the fingerprint card? Is this for the place where I got my fingerprints done?

Caitlin said...

Do you know if the FBI CBC HAVE To be signed by the U.S. Department of State? My recruiter said that some State offices will still sign in but on the state level... Plus, Apostille Pros say that they can send it to the State office and have it done within 5 business days- guaranteeing that it will work for South Korea E-2 Visas. But I'm wondering the Fed Apostille is a necessity, not just any Apostille????

Caitlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allison said...

An Apostille is basically a notarization of a notary. They can be issued by State or Federal Governments.
For anything notarized by a regular notary, like your diploma, you will go through the state (i.e. the state where the notary is registered can confirm that s/he is in fact an official notary). And yes, it's generally faster than federal.
However, for the CBC, you should go through the Federal, because the FBI is a Federal office. So when you get the Division officer to sign and stamp the CBC that's the equivalent of notarizing the document, and then the Apostille confirms that the division officer is in fact an FBI official.
NO matter what your recruiter says (and they're probably Korean, so what do they know about US gov?), get the federal apostille for the CBC.

Veronica said...

Hey there. Thank you for the wonderfully descriptive blog, it's extremely helpful. one question, I'm in Korea now, what shipping method did you use to send your fingerprints and application form to the FBI?

Veronica said...

Hey thank you for the wonderfully descriptive information. Quick question, I'm in Korea now, what shipping method did you use to send your documents from Korea to the FBI?

Harmony said...

Judging from the many responses from Korea, it seems the Dept. of State will send the Apostille document to Korea, no?

My recruiter has suggested I have it sent to my family and have them forward it. This seems like an unnecessary delay. But sometimes documents can not be sent directly to a foreign country.

I am here now and could wait for the document, but the recruiter is wanting me to come early. She says she can get the NOA without it and we can submit the apostille later. I wonder about this. Would they actually give me my ARcard? If not, I can't even get a bank account. I would be waiting around in limbo and might not be paid for the time I am there waiting around, even if I teach. Anyone else have experience with this?

This will be my 6th year in Korea and it seems there is always some new complication. Just trying to go with the flow. But I do want to CYA as well.

Ben said...

On the FD-258 fingerprint for, can anyone tell me what the "ORI" section should contain? I can't figure that out...should it just be left blank, or do I need to put something there?
Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for the help on this, this site is GREAT!

Mr. Gray said...

Cover letter for step 2 at google docs.

JJam168 said...

Once you receive the background check from the FBI, it's ok to open it to check and make copies correct? It won't invalidate the documents for the apostille process?

InTheGoon11 said...

Can I get the FBI to send my Criminal Background Check documents directly to the Authentication Office for the signature/stamp?

Or do I need to receive it back from them first and then mail it out myself to the Authentications Office?

Basically, I am asking if I need to send my documents twice overseas from here in Korea? Once for the Background check, and then a second time for the Authentication.

Thanks so much. Cheers!

schaffr said...

What do you put for the "ORI" on the fingerprint card? Is this for the place where I got my fingerprints done?
Why won't anyone answer this important question??

LindseyTheExplorer said...

So... Maybe this has been answered already, but my recruiter suggested a expedited service for my apostle. Has anyone had any luck with these?

Also, would someone PLEASE answer the question aboutwhat ORI might mean on the fingerprint card???

Allison said...

Leave it blank.

ORI stands for origin (of the card). Normally this would be the police station that printed them. Yours if printed off the internet, so there's no origin to fill in.

ComicinAsia said...

What do i need for the diploma requirement?

Brigitte said...

I would like to assist US citizens working in South Korea for the apostille of their FBI Background check and/or other documents (like diploma).

Our company is located in Washington DC and we offer walk in service to the US State Department. Processing time is same day or 24 hours. If the candidate will mail their FBI background check directly to the US State Department, they will be in a serious trouble... long delay at the US State Dept if doing it by mail, processing time could take months.

our website address is
Tel # 202-223-8822

smallface said...

Thank you so much, this has been extremely helpful! I don't know who else to ask so I will post my question here: Is it OK to leave the "Employer and Address" box blank? I am in-between contracts at the moment. Thanks!

Drake Austin said...

I have heard of using a "live scan," rather than an analog fingerprint, to fulfill the print requirement for the FBI background check. Is this possible?

One blog recommends it:

Anyone have success?

Shelly/US Authentication said...

We at US Authentication Services can assist in expediting Apostilles on your FBI Background checks and University Diplomas. We hand carry documents into the US State Department on a daily basis and can offer 1-3 day turnaround times. We work with many clients looking to move to S. Korea and many language schools and recruiting companies based in S.Korea as well.

Please look up or call 703-971-7226

Patrici said...

How long will it take to get the document apostilled. I sent it in and I got it mailed back. I have to do it again, but I have to have it done by January 9th. Is this possible?!!! :(

PoliticalTech said...

1) Does the CBC have to stay sealed when sending it to apostille? Or can we open it and check it out?

2)I got my fingerprints at a police station and the officer signed the fingerprint card but ORI was left blank. I only realized that after I mailed it. Will they send it back for something like that?

anne said...

Hi I have been teaching in Korea for a year now. I just finished my contract and I will be starting a new one in March. I did not have to get the FBI check when i came. This year I do. I ordered it and got it back. It does not look good. 11 years ago I got a DUI and then 2 years later I got another one. They have those listed along with a couple charges that I was not charged with. Since then I got one of them expunged, but it is still showing up. I am trying to get them sealed, but there is no time in between now and the start of the contract to complete the process. Is there any way around this? Do you think I will not be allowed a visa? It has been a long time and as I said one of them is dismissed. Thank you for any help you can give me. I am freaking out!!

-bri said...

Could you give some information about the "return options" on the application? Would it be easiest to send everything to my mom in the states, have her send everything to the FBI and then have it sent back to her?

Fleep said...

waygook effect, thanks for the clear instructions. i have used this walkthrough fbi bg/apostille twice now. once a year ago and once now. well done. ^^

Benjamin Sampson said...

Very helpful. Thank you so much for the effort.

Joseph Aaron Campbell said...


The seal you are thinking of is something along the lines of a sticker seal on the outside of the return envelope. The actual required seal is a raised seal on the actual check itself. Opening the FBI check is fine, how else would you know the results?

As far as the ORI section, I actually did my own prints with stamp ink. 3 sets. I believe I left the ORI section blank. The FBI had no problem and I got my completed prints back in 7 weeks.

Hope that helps

cloud4ge said...

Hello. I have a question...

How long is the criminal record check valid? I've ready different things... 3 months... 4 months... 6 months... I dont want to go through all the trouble to start the process now (3/15/2012) for it to be processed to early for my renewal time (9/24/2012)...

I heard that the time of validity varies depending on the immigration office...

Shouldn't it be valid indefinitely... after all, I'm living in Korea, so... why would my criminal record change in the states...

Jay Dunn said...

Can anyone think of an advantage to ordering TWO of these FBI BG checks, seeing as how they are so hard to get? It seems like for 18$ they are cheap at the price, just not in the wait time...I guess it would depend on how long they are valid for...

Jaye said...

@ Jay
The only good reason to order two is if you think you're going to be leaving your school without finishing your contract and without being able to secure a letter of release fairly early into your contract. The background checks are only good for 3 (or 6, depending on who you ask) months. If you get a letter of release you can transfer your visa without going through the whole process again.But if it's been more than 3-6 mos and you don't have a letter of release then the 2nd check issued at the same time as your first, isn't going to do you any good.
And remember this is 3-6 mo's from the date the background check was issued, not the apostille date (the apostilles cost another $8-12 depending on where you get them done - so the costs do start to mount), which can be as long as one month depending on the efficiency of your state/the state department.
And if a job is so sketchy that you think that you'll be leaving it, I think it goes without saying that you should probably reconsider accepting the job (although, to be fair, you can do your due diligence and still wind up with a lemon school).

Willis said...

There is an option to fill out form DS-4194 in an HTML webpage, without the need to download the Cerenade program to open the .FAR file.

This is good for mac users! Instead of finding a Windows PC, you can use the first link ( to fill out the HTML version and print it out!

Maybe the author can update the State Department section to reflect this change, it will surely save some people valuable time and headaches!

PoliticalTech said...

Joseph - Thanks for answering!

you left ori blank, but did you leave the 'signature of person taking prints' part blank? or did you sign your own name?

Catherina Lucy said...

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Olya Olegovna said...

Good work! Thanks for post.

georgiamontford said...

I can see the obvious changed that they’ve made. I am satisfied with it and I hope they will continue to do some changes if necessary.

-Ms.Georgia M.

Sun Enter Prises said...

Well, I think everyone has different perceptions on this issue and we should not criticize anyone for his acts. Everybody has right to live and do what he likes to do..

Dave said...

Good stuff. I will add two things to this to anyone reading through the comments.

1. As the author said, make absolutely sure to include a cover letter for your background check and have it specify that you need the seal and signature as in the article. I actually just lost a job because I didn't know that part and got the normal check they sent out otherwise.

When the school turned it into Immigration, it failed their authenticity checks, the worker apparently suggested that it might be a forgery, and the school withdrew their employment offer and frankly didn't care whether or not it was ACTUALLY true.

2. In attempting to get the RIGHT background check just today, the local police station refused to put my fingerprints on printed cards and demanded that I get actual cardstock cards (the ones they had were premarked for the state justice department). You can get a 50 pack off Amazon, or there's a bunch of them on eBay.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

Just found your blog and hope to see more great stuff from you this year!
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Stephen Redeker said...

Great information, one of the best step by step instructions out there. PLEASE UPDATE THE LINKS if possible.

Prime said...

The Office of Authentications has just moved recently. Here's their new address:

Office of Authentications, Department of State
600 19th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20431

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