Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Waygook Bars

10 Magazine had an online polling competition to see what are the favorite drinking establishments in South Korea for waygooks.  There is nothing scientific about this, it is just a popularity contest of people willing to hit refresh and click a bunch of times to vote.  But here it is!
Yeah, it’s a popularity contest. That’s exactly what the Reader’s 10 is all about—finding out what is the most popular among our readers. This month we found out that the bar with the most enthusiastic fans in Korea happens to be a legendary expat hangout in Ulsan. Who knew?
Here are your 10 favorite bars, pubs and lounges in Korea:
10. Sam Ryan’s (Itaewon, Seoul)
9. Roofers (Itaewon, Seoul)
8. Wolfhound (Itaewon, Seoul)
7. LSG (Yeosu)
6. Holy Grill (downtown Daegu)
5. Traveler’s Bar (Bundang, Seongnam)
4. Speakeasy (downtown Gwangju)
3. Beer O’Clock (Sinchon, Seoul)
2. Dillinger’s (Itaewon, Seoul)
1. Benchwarmers (Ulsan)
Who would have thought a place in Ulsan would win.


Tiffani said...

More importantly, why are there none in Busan?! My professional opinion is that there are too many to choose from. ^^

janetnewenham said...

My favourites are GoGos and FFs in Hongdae, Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon, INTOs (international bar) in Ilsan and that Margaritas cocktail place in Hongdae. Oi bar(with all the water and caves) and Brixx (layed back with hookah pipes) are pretty cool too!

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