Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ROK Military Considering Extending Military Service

Something universally agreed upon by adolescent Korean boys is their contempt for the military.  I have yet to meet a young Korean man eager or excited to serve his mandatory time in the military.

The fact that all men in South Korea have to serve in the military is something I admire about this country.  I agree with the argument that it gives young men purpose and teaches them responsibility.  I also feel like the threat from North Korea's nearly million man army could not be any more apparent.

This video report brings up all the sensitive arguments.  The young university grad in the story is one of about a thousand conscientious objectors jailed every year for refusing to report for their mandatory military service.  There has also been debate recently of extending military service from 21 months to a full two years in response to the Cheonan incident.

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