Sunday, September 26, 2010

North Korea Planning Biggest Military Parade Ever

Why not?  Kim Jong-il is getting ready to hand over power, why not plan the biggest military parade ever?  That'll inspire the millions of starving people living without hope and cheer.  I guess my only question is why would they ever have a military parade that was not the biggest one they have ever had?  Seems like every parade they have should then be the biggest one ever... or else how can you measure progress in your society?

Here's a taste of what NK parade's are like, and then Yonhap has the story.

SEOUL, Sept. 26 (Yonhap) -- North Korea is gearing up for an unprecedented-scale military parade apparently to mark an upcoming national event, multiple government sources here said Sunday.
A number of troops, missiles, armored vehicles and artillery rockets have been converging on the Mirim Airbase in Pyongyang since July 12, while as many as 10,000 soldiers have rehearsed for a parade that will be inspected by leader Kim Jong-il, the sources said, requesting anonymity.
The sources said it may become North Korea's largest-ever military parade in that the number of troops mobilized is more than double the size in previous events.
"Judging from the current preparations, it is likely to be a large-scale event different from previous years," said a source monitoring North Korea affairs.
The North's powerful Workers' Party plans to convene a rare conference of representatives on Tuesday and will also celebrate the 65th founding anniversary on Oct. 10.
Another source said that among weapons to be deployed at the air base is movable missile launch pads, which indicate the secretive North may show off its various missiles during the parade.
"We are not in the stage yet to talk specifically about equipment but missile-related equipment is on display," the source said.
A North Korean defector, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said about 5,000 troops usually take part in parades organized by the North's military.
"Given the scale of the event this time, however, chances are high that it will be arranged by the National Defense Commission and attended by Kim Jong-il," he said.
Anyone else think it is strange that we need a North Korean defector to remain anonymous to pass us valuable information such as how many of their soldiers participate in military parades?


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