Sunday, September 12, 2010

MC Mong Caught Pulling Teeth to Avoid Military Service

A South Korean hip hop artist, Mc Mong (MC 몽) is in deep trouble.  

The story found here:
Entertainer and singer MC Mong delayed serving in the military for seven years and pulled out his own teeth to obtain an exemption from compulsory military service in 2007, the Seoul police said Friday.
The Crime Investigation Division of the Seoul Metro Police Agency said the singer postponed joining the military on seven occasions between 1999 and 2006. His reasons included overseas traveling and preparing for civil service exams. But, according to police, he used the time for filming a movie and releasing a new music record.
The police also confirmed that the singer extracted healthy teeth to be exempted from military duty. In 1998, when the singer had his first physical examination for military service, his dental condition was marked as “normal.” When he was officially exempted for poor dental health in 2007, the record showed that he had 12 teeth missing. 
Although the singer claimed that all of the 12 teeth had decayed, the police said four of the extracted teeth were perfectly healthy, and were pulled out without a valid reason. Police plan to arrest the singer without detention. 
I have been told that Koreans do not fluoridate their water.  As a result there is a lot of tooth decay in the country.  I have met some Koreans with some very poor sets of teeth, but having twelve teeth pulled is pretty extreme.  I guess I am also unclear why missing this many teeth would give someone an exemption from military service anyways...
On Thursday, police also arrested 11 B-boys who purposely injured their shoulders by over-training to dodge their military duty. 
Meanwhile, "One Night, Two Days,'" of which MC Mong is a cast member, decided to edit the scenes in which he appeared. The show which is to be aired in the evening today will be broadcast 15 minutes shorter than the original version which lasts 80 minutes.
Production crew of the show said whether Mong remains for the show will be decided after further discussions.
However, the "Haha-Mong" show was broadcast on Sunday morning with scenes in which MC Mong appears unedited. It triggered fierce criticism by many viewers, which eventually led to the shutdown of its website.
MC Mong is not the first male celebrity to resist and delay Korea's mandatory two year military service for men.  He will not be the last either.  I checked out some of his videos and for a "hip hop" artist he looks like a really friendly and nice guy.  This decisions to avoid the draft might have led to the end of his career.

Here is his iceream song that came out a couple years ago:


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