Sunday, September 26, 2010

KPOP Korral - [4Minute] - Huh

The girl group 4Minute consists of the members Nam JiHyun (남지현), Heo Gayoon (허가윤), Jeon Jiyoon (전지윤), Kim Hyun-Ah (김현아), and Kwon Sohyun (권소현).  They were created by Cube Entertainment in 2009 and have had a string of successful hits in a row.

The hype with this group surrounded Hyuna, who is a former member of the group Wonder Girls.  She left that group to form this group and is considered their leader.  The group recently has been promoting their music abroad in Thailand and the Phillipines, but they still are on the charts in Korea with their recent hits Huh and I My Me Mine.  I am a fan of both videos, but I think Huh is the better of the two.

Huh is supposed to be a response when you are laughed at, like "Huh! That's what you think!"

As far as KPOP live performances go, they are above the crowd.  The dances are fun and they look good.  Five is also a manageable number of girls.  When I see nine to eleven on stage I feel a little bombarded.

I hope they keep making more hits.  Things look bright for them.


Tangy said...

hyuna's actually not the leader...although everyone thinks she is...and she might as well be haha

what do you think about people calling them 2ne1 wannabes?

The Waygook said...

I don't see how they can be 2NE1 wannabes when they debuted at the exact same time and have about the same number of hits.

I like 2NE1 because they are hyper-individualistic compared to most kpop groups. I see individual personalities as well in 4Minute, but I think their music and style is still different enough from 2NE1.

I don't see how either group could be following the other, they are contemporaries in my opinion.

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