Thursday, September 16, 2010

KPOP Korral - [2NE1] - Can't Nobody, Clap Your Hands, & Go Away

2NE1 is one of the hottest KPOP groups of 2010 and my clear favorite group in KPOP.  I have liked them since the first time I saw them.  The reason for this is because they have a good sound, a fun image, and are proud individuals.  Too many girl groups are just five to nine identical looking women with slightly different hair styles doing all they can to look submissive and cute.  There is a proud place in KPOP for that, but it looks the same to me.  2NE1 is the most unique group and therefore they get my highest recommendation for good KPOP.

With that said... I was disappointed with their latest album.  CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom decided to be bold and release and promote three singles all at the same time. had this to say about their decision to release three singles at once:
You’ve read correctly, folks – the female hip-hop quartet 2NE1 will be promoting not one, not two, butthree tracks simultaneously at one given period of time!
Such decision is definitely unprecedented in K-pop industry (or perhaps any other music industries out there), since most artists tend to promote only one, two at max, song at a time. Not only that, triple promotion is quite risky and adventurous as well, with such large amount of money at stake.
Many professionals have expressed their concerns toward YG’s decision. If three tracks will be promoted, an unbelievable amount of money will have to be spent on making the music videos for all the songs. Also, the rankings on various music charts will be in mess, which would cause a great deal of damage.
Founder of YG, Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “As a music producer, I’ve heard the ‘double title track’ promotional method a couple of times. However, this is my first time hearing of three title tracks. The reason we’ve decided to choose this path anyway is because our wish to spread 2NE1’s various unique music styles is bigger than our desire to win first place.
The review of the album was not entirely favorable either.  The ending comments summed it up best and I am going to have to agree with about their latest album:
I’m going to be quite frank. I was really shocked by the amount of auto-tune in the album, and so after my first run-through, I felt disappointed, and even bereft. Yes, there were highlights in the form of “Clap Your Hands”, “It Hurts (Slow)”, and “Go Away.” Yes, the girls did not compromise on that sass, that swagger, which makes their delivery unique and their presence charismatic. But what happened? Perhaps it’s just me hating on auto-tune, like the way stiff art critics hate on Jackson Pollock.
It’s new, it’s fairly provocative in the way that these girls won’t hold back. I do recommend you give the record a few good turns, and flesh out how you feel about it. Regardless of whether my review interested or infuriated you, I stand by this point at the end of the day: 2NE1 is one of the most interesting groups in the Korean music industry, and I will continue to support them as they continue to transcend limitations and expectations.
I actually think these girls are great dancers with pretty good voices, so the extreme artificial sound of their voices is a disappointment.  Here are the songs, you can be the judge yourself about the amounts of auto-tune.  Even for KPOP, it is over the top in my opinion.

Song #1 - Can't Nobody

Song #2 - Go Away

Song #3 - Clap Your Hands (박수쳐)

The are still my favorite...

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vangx498 said...

I am pretty disappointed in the turn out of the first album as well. These girls are fierce, however the album does not showcase that. Their 2ne1 mini-album will forever be one of my top records.

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